Telecom Services

The growing importance of telecom services to be connected anytime and anywhere, to facilitate internet services as well as electronic device based entertainment has stimulated and will continue to create investments in telecommunications infrastructures.

The growing popularity of mobile phone facilities drive mobile infrastructure investments by all operators in the country, hence the demand for appropriate logistic solutions for the industry.


There are a range of logistic services that we offer to some of the leading FMCG goods manufacturers and traders. The services include arranging palletizing and loading supplies at the warehouses, pick and pack services for delivery as per customer orders, arranging for freight as appropriate and managing inventories with the support for ERP integration to client systems.


As experts in the transportation of live animals and perishables livestock, pets, ornamental fish to flowers, fruits and vegetables, we offer a comprehensive range of services that ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely. We understand your need for utmost care and every solution we provide ensures fastest transits and the right temperature controls to facilitate that your goods arrive in perfect condition. Our team of professionals are highly experienced in handling live cargo and perishables, and are always ready to discuss the right logistics solution if you have a unique requirement that needs special attention.

Document Archiving & Management

Ace Express provides document archiving and management services to companies faced with limitations of storing, managing and locating critical information among volumes of hard copy documents. The solution includes physical storage of your documents at one of our stores and a mechanism to digitize the records with a remote access facility for your data retrieval purpose.


We offer logistic solutions for your automobile imports to have them shipped efficiently from any origin port of your choice to Sri Lanka and re-export if required. Aitken Spence Cargo ensures a hassle-free experience by handling shipments from supplier door, arrange freight with all import documentation services at destination to have your vehicles reach the show rooms or the manufacturing plant on time. You can count on us to handle all transportation demands of the automobile industry, be it brand new or re-conditioned vehicle imports or spare parts to keep your supply chain moving. We can move it, store it and manage it for you.


With long experience in offering customized services in this sector, we are the preferred forwarder for local and international exhibitions and trade shows. Our dedicated team of professionals are highly trained and able to meet your logistics requirement with utmost efficiency. We understand how vital speed is in this regard; therefore, we handle all the necessary processes swiftly in order to ensure that you receive your goods on time without compromising safety. Our excellent relationships and knowledge in local and international regulations guarantee that your goods will not be stranded at a border or held for clearance at customs warehouses, but that they will be delivered to your requested destination on schedule.


With over 35 years of expertise in serving the apparels sector, we offer a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of handling and transporting your apparels cargo to and from locations worldwide. We take care of PO management from the initial stage of opening an import or export order to moving it from point to point, and final delivery, allowing you the luxury of concentrating on your core business. We also ensure speedy customs clearance by taking care of all documentation and EDI requirements. Assuring a high quality service, we guarantee safe handling and delivery of your merchandise – whether flat packed or on hangers, making certain that they arrive in prime condition as per your requirement.

Tea and Commodities

One of the leading logistics solutions providers for tea and commodities suppliers in Sri Lanka, we have long experience and expertise in providing you the perfect means to transport your valuable cargo under the right conditions for their safe delivery. Whether it is tea, rubber, spices or any other product, we will ensure that the right carrier with the correct facilities will be used to take your produce to and from anywhere in the world, reaching their destination fresh and ready as intended. Our clientele include some of the world’s leading brands of tea, who rely on us for all their cargo needs.