Ocean Freight

Transportation of goods using ocean freight methods are the most common form of transport for importers and exporters, accounting for 90% of goods transported globally. Shipping by ocean freight is complicated, however, so we’ve put together solutions that give you peace of mind that eases your burden with cost efficiency and timeliness. We offer a comprehensive transport solution that is economical and efficient combined with speed. Rely on us to move your smallest parcel to the largest complicated project type turnkey requirement. Our experts will assist you with the best solutions and ensures you have all bases covered from suitable Bill of Lading options to advise on Incoterms.

Choosing to move your goods by an Ocean mode will bring about the following key benefits.

Cost-Effective: transporting containers of goods by ship is one of the most cost-effective forms of transport, which is important for supply chain management and operations within a business and can help keep the price of goods competitive for the end customers. Like with Air Freight, shipping goods can be consolidated to benefit economies of scale and reduce the price, known as LCL (Less Container Load). If you are shipping enough goods to fit into one container, or the goods are fragile or contain chemicals/liquids, it may be good to consider FCL shipment, Full Container Load.

Heavy goods: for items that are large or heavy, ocean freight might be the only way to get goods overseas, as airlines can restrict some form of transport, and shipping ports generally have large storage capabilities

Environmentally Friendly: ocean freight is the most environmentally friendly form of transport for cargo, which can help boost the company’s brand and reputation and assist in reducing your carbon footprint.

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